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Sometimes You Just Gotta Let It Ride

The most AWKWARD WEEK OF ALL TIME. It must be some sorta prolonged hangover from last thursday's party. I just can't maintain a good conversation at all with the family and it really sucks. OH GOD, why's this even happening. Like it's soo weird. I need to call Joan and ask her if she's going over to church on sunday so i can go meet Denise and talk stuff, And invite and confirm ticket reservations for our gig. And i haven't done up the write-up. Plan to complete it in a bit. UGGGGHHHHH. ):

Sometimes, You just gotta let it ride. But for now, it's me and my guitar, riffs and licks. Pen and paper. And a dream fulfilled.

The Most Depressing Bus Trip. Ever.

The Most Depressing Bus Trip. Ever. Well at least there's vodka at the end of it.


It's the epitome of randomness, i know,
But here i am after playing catch up with the tech-geeks! All caught up in the reverie for the better part of the day, you'll get used to it. Reverie's  gig is sooo close you can almost lick it! So here it is!
Reverie's Votive's Next Gig! YouthOutLoud! Saturday, 27th June 2009. Church of The Risen Christ. 7.30pm. Tickets @ $5. GRAB NOW! 
Today was just awesome :) Practice at the immaculate residence/ RV HQ : West Coast Green. Just me and eddy getting the funk on! Woots! We'll be playing our two originals at the gig, the 'Ultimate Love Song', In Your Eyes as coined by drummer boy, and the funky jazzy thingamajic we haven't named. Got back and realized that Mozilla is uber cool. It's almost three and i've got my guitar plugged in. Hallelujah! neighbours. Don't complain unless you're coming to our gig. See ya, peeps :)


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